The Village
 The House

The Village

Montclus, originally called "Castrum Monte Cluso" which in Latin means "the castle in the closed mountain", was built to protect the valley of the river Cze from invaders. The location of a hilltop and near to water was ideal for the purpose. Now Montclus is very much a summer Holliday Village with about 1.500 people living there from June to September, in the village houses or camping. Further down the river there is another, still maintained, castle similar to that in Montclus - "la Rock sur Cze" - which served the same purpose.

The Road to Montclus

The Accesroad

The Village Map

The access road is narrow entering the village square.
On the village square, with the war monument, are the church as well as the house. situated.

The Castle Tower
An alley
Beside the square is the castle, now a ruin, still a landmark, that was built in 1275.

Village streets and lanes are narrow and sometimes covered.

Plant-covered Wall
A Valve

Town Hall
View from the beach